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Casino cashiers: Behind bars no more In the old days, the cashier’s cage earned its the casino’s money is more secure. This loca- moniker because it was, as the name implies, tion also offers a beneficial side effect that behind bars

Today’s technology and construc- casinos are happy to take advantage of. Their tion make the modern cashier’s cage much centrality means the cashier’s cage is often in more inviting, providing maximum security with- the lion’s den of the most enticing betting areas, out looking like Fort Knox. You can usually find tempting many recent winners to recycle their casino cashiers in the core of the casino layout, bills by turning them right back into chips at a as far from any exit as possible, which means nearby table.

Cashier’s cages are easy to find. Casinos typically locate them along the sides of the rooms to allow the more valuable floor space for games. Here, much like at a bank, one or more tellers deal with the public through a window. If you’re worried about leaving with your big winnings, you can request a check or get a safety deposit box in most casinos. In addition to the cashier’s cage, casinos usually offer a credit office. Depending on how big a player you are and the type of games you want to attack, you may want to ask for a line of credit.

You can also cash traveler’s checks, get change, receive incoming money via a wire service, and even receive bank wire transfers (with proper ID, of course!). If you’re interested in a line of credit, check out Chapter 4, where I provide all the pros and cons. Meeting the Casino’s Cast of Characters A vast and sometimes complicated hierarchy of employees with a variety of titles, responsibilities, and even different styles of dress populates a casino. These workers simultaneously cater to the needs of the guests and the casino owners.

No matter who they are, the casino employees all have one goal in common: to provide you with ample opportunities to try your luck against the unevenly-stacked house odds. Casino employees are usually pleasant, professional, and well-trained individ- uals (after all, if you’re treated with courtesy and respect, you’re more likely to stay — and spend — longer). In this section, I introduce you to the pleasant cast of characters you may encounter, and I explain their unique roles. With this knowledge, you’re better equipped to take advantage of their services — to your advantage.


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